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BLOOD OF THE LAMB: A NOVEL OF SECRETS (paranormal thriller)   Maps of Rome (to follow the action)
Co-written with Carlos L. Dews: writing as Sam Cabot
   ISBN: 978-0399162954; Hardcover; Blue Rider Press (Aug 6, 2013)
   ISBN: 978-1442363489; CD; Simon & Schuster Audio, unabridged (Aug 2013)
   ISBN: 978-1442363496; MP3 d/l; Simon & Schuster Audio, unabridged (Aug 2013)
   ASIN: B00BLR2R70; Kindle/925KB
   ISBN: 978-1101607275; Nook/2MB, Sony Reader/1.74MB, other e-books
"...exhilarating supernatural thriller set in Rome, where rival groups are searching for a document that holds a secret that could shatter..."

   ASIN: B009E89NO8; Kindle/92KB; SJ Rozan (September 2012)
"... follows a calendar year cycle through the seasons...selected from...blog entries of '04-'11...from the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan,
Long Island, Florida, Italy, and Central and Southeast Asia...There is sprightliness, humor, and occasional solemnity evident..."

GHOST HERO (Chin/Smith 11)   ©page from Ghost Hero

   ISBN: 978-0312544508; Hardcover; St. Martin's (Sept 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1250006936; Trade pbk; Minotaur (Aug 2012)
   ISBN: 978-0792781707; Playaway; AudioGO, unabridged (Nov 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1609984014; MP3 d/l; AudioGO, unabridged, 9 hr (Nov 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1609984007; CD; AudioGO, unabridged (Feb 2012)
   ISBN: 978-0792760382; Library Ed. CD; AudioGO, unabridged, 9 hr (Nov 2011)
   ASIN: B004RCNS8S; Kindle/420KB
   ISBN: 978-1429974639; Nook/322KB, Sony Reader/312KB, other e-books
"...excellent...Engaging characters, crisp dialogue, intelligent storytelling..."  –  Publishers Weekly, starred review

ON THE LINE (Smith/Chin 10)   ©page from On The Line
NOMINATED for ROMANTIC TIMES REVIEWERS' CHOICE AWARD for best Contemporary Mystery of 2010
   ISBN: 978-0312544492; Hardcover; St. Martin's (Sept 2010)
   ISBN: 978-0312609245; Trade pbk; Minotaur (Aug 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1609981006; CD; AudioGO, unabridged, 9:15 hr (Oct 2010)
   ISBN: 978-0792760375; Library Ed. CD; AudioGO, unabridged (Oct 2010)
   ISBN: 978-0792774129; Playaway; AudioGO, unabridged, 9:15 hr (Oct 2010)
   ISBN: 978-0792774112; MP3 CD; AudioGO, unabridged, 9:15 hr (Oct 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1609980214; Digital; BBC Audiobooks America, unabridged, 9:14 hr, 133 MB (Oct 2010)
   ASIN: B003P8OYWY; Kindle/434KB
   ISBN: 978-1429941778; Nook/271KB, Sony Reader/290KB, other e-books
"...This one is like a video game in which every location is full of lurking danger..."  –  Library Journal, starred review

THE SHANGHAI MOON (Chin/Smith 9)   ©page from The Shanghai Moon

   ISBN: 978-0312245566; Hardcover; St. Martin's (Feb 2009)
   ISBN: 978-0312644529; Trade pbk; Minotaur (Aug 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1410415653; Hardcover; Thorndike Press, large print (June 2009)
   ISBN: 978-1602835948; Digital; BBC Audiobooks Amererica, unabridged, 13:50 hr, 199 MB (Feb 2009)
   ISBN: 978-1609986063; CD; AudioGO, unabridged, 13:50 hr
   ISBN: 978-0792760306; Library Ed. CD; AudioGO, unabridged, 13:50 hr (Feb 2009)
   ISBN: 978-0792761846; Playaway; AudioGO, unabridged, 13:50 hr (Feb 2009)
   ISBN: 978-0792761839; MP3 CD; AudioGO, unabridged, 13:50 hr (Feb 2009)
   NLS Book# BR-19146; Braille, 3 vol; Braille International Inc, Stuart, FL (2010)
   ASIN: B002AP9GQW; Kindle/600KB
   ISBN: 978-1429923835; Nook/368KB, Sony Reader/468KB, other e-books

IN THIS RAIN (standalone)   ©page from In This Rain
   ISBN: 978-0385338042; Hardcover; Delacorte Press (Dec 2006)
   ISBN: 978-0385339247; Trade pbk; Delta (Dec 2007)
   ISBN: 978-0792746720; Audio CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 14:24 hr (Jan 2007)
   ISBN: 978-0792747468; Audio MP3 CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged (2007)
   ASIN: B001NIQYOO; Audio CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged lib. ed. (2007)
   ISBN: 978-1602830011; Digital; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 14:24 hr, 207 MB (Jan 2007)
   ISBN: 978-0440336549; Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org (Nov 2010)
   ASIN: B000MAHBZA; Kindle/380 KB
   ISBN: 978-0440336549; Nook/763KB, Sony Reader/737KB, other e-books
"...You close the book...hoping it's not too late to plan a trip eastward in the spring."  – Dick Lochte, LA Times

ABSENT FRIENDS (standalone)   ©page from Absent Friends
   ISBN: 0385338031; Hardcover; Delacorte Press (Sept 2004)
   ISBN: 1419313444; Hardcover; RB Large Print (2004)
   ISBN: 0385339232; Trade pbk; Delta (Aug 2005)
   ISBN: 978-0440241850; Paperback; Dell (Aug 2008)
   ISBN: 0792733002; Audio Cassette; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged (Sept 2004)
   ISBN: 0792733010; Audio CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 14.6 hr (Sept 2004)
   NLS Book# T-N1575-40; Braille, 3 vol; American Printing House f/t Blind, Louisville, KY (2005)
   NLS Book# RC 63533; Audio Cassette; reader, Michele Schaeffer (2007)
   ISBN: 978-0440335092; Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org (July 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1602831254; Digital; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 14:56 hr, 215 MB (May 2006)
   ISBN: 0440335094; eBook [Adobe, MS, Mobi, Palm, ePub]
   ASIN: B000FC28VM; Kindle/396KB
   ISBN: 978-0440335092; Nook/566KB, Sony Reader/598KB, other e-books
"...an unforgettable elegy to that clear September morning that changed our lives."  – Bill Ott, Booklist

WINTER AND NIGHT (Smith/Chin 8)   ©page from Winter & Night
2009 'MALTESE FALCON AWARD' (Best Hardboiled Novel–Japan)

   ISBN: 0312245556; Hardcover; St. Martin's Minotaur (Feb 2002)
   ISBN: 0312986688; Paperback; St. Martin's Minotaur (April 2003)
   ISBN: 1402568770; Hardback; RB Large Print ( 2003)
   ISBN: 0792736702; Audio Cassette; Sound Library, unabridged (June 2005)
   ISBN: 0792736710; Audio CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 12:53 hr (June 2005)
   NLS Book# BR 14368; Braille; National Braille Press, Boston, MA
   Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech] (Aug 2003)
   ISBN: 978-1602831612; Digital; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 12:53 hr, 185 MB (May 2006)
   ISBN: 0312704348; eBook [Mobi, Palm]
   ASIN: B000FA5S3O; Kindle/590KB (Apr 2003)
   ISBN: 978-1429980050; Nook/492KB (Apr 2007), Sony Reader/504KB (Mar 2010)

REFLECTING THE SKY (Chin/Smith 7)   ©page from Reflecting Sky

   ISBN: 0312244274; Hardcover; St. Martin's Minotaur (Feb 2001)
   ISBN: 0792724887; Audio Cassette; Chivers NA, unabridged, 12 hr (Aug 2001)
   ISBN: 0312981341; Paperback; St. Martin's Minotaur (Jan 2002)
   ISBN: 978-0792747932; CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 12:00 hr (Jan 2007)
   NLS Book# BR 14972; Braille; CPH (2004)
   Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech]
   ASIN: B003J5UJ6S; Kindle/574KB (Apr 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1429980036; Nook/391 KB (Apr 2011), Sony Reader/407KB (Mar 2010)

STONE QUARRY (Smith/Chin 6)   ©page from Stone Quarry
   ISBN: 0312209126; Hardcover; St. Martin's Minotaur (Sept 1999)
   ISBN: 079272349X; Audio Cassette; Chivers NA, unabridged, 9.3 hr (March 2000)
   ISBN: 0312977034; Paperback; St. Martin's Minotaur (Jan 2001)
   ISBN: 1574905325; Hardcover; Thomas T. Beeler Publisher, large print edition (June 2003)
   NLS Book# BR 12616; Braille; Braille International, Stuart, FL (2000)
   Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech]
   ASIN: B008DM2MJO; Kindle/483KB
   ISBN: 978-1466825208; Nook/379 KB, Sony Reader/375KB

A BITTER FEAST (Chin/Smith 5)   ©page from Bitter Feast
   ISBN: 0312192592; Hardcover; St. Martin's Minotaur (Aug 1998)
   ISBN: 0312291701; Trade pbk; St. Martin's Minotaur (Aug 1998)
   ISBN: 0613292006; Library & School; Sagebrush (Jan 1999)
   ISBN: 0786217731; Hardcover; Thorndike Press, large print (April 1999)
   ISBN: 0792722302; Audio Cassette; John Curley & Assoc, unabridged (April 1999)
   ISBN: 0312970110; Paperback; St. Martin's Dead Letter (July 1999)
   NLS Book# RC 50745; Audio Cassette; reader: Ann Hodapp; APH (2001)
   ASIN: B004SI9AMO; Kindle/473KB (Apr 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1429908511; Nook/306KB (Apr 2010), Sony Reader/367KB (Mar 2010)

NO COLDER PLACE (Smith/Chin 4)   ©page from No Colder Place

   ISBN: 031216811X; Hardcover; St. Martin's Press (Sept 1997)
   ISBN: 0786212519; Hardcover; Thorndike Press, large print (Dec 1997)
   ISBN: 0312966644; Paperback; St. Martin's Paperbacks (Oct 1998)
   ISBN: 0792722302; Audio Cassette; Chivers Audio Books, unabridged, 10.3 hr (April 1998)
   ISBN: 0792732677; Audio CD; Sound Library 9:23 hr (July 2004)
   ASIN: B007WNC0R4; Kindle/442KB; SJ Rozan (April 2012)

MANDARIN PLAID (Chin/Smith 3)   ©page from Mandarin Plaid
   ISBN: 0312146744; Hardcover; St. Martin's Press (Sept 1996)
   ISBN: 0312962835; Paperback; St. Martin's Paperbacks (Aug 1997)
   ISBN: 978-0792757726; CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 10:55 hr (Nov 2008)
   ISBN: 978-0792759386; MP3 CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 10:55 hr (Nov 2008)
   ISBN: 978-1602835276; Digital; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 10:59 hr, 157 MB (Nov 2008)
   ASIN: B007UJZVVW; Kindle/452KB; SJ Rozan (April 2012)

CONCOURSE (Smith/Chin 2)   ©page from Concourse
   ISBN: 0312134533; Hardcover; St. Martin's Press (October 1995)
   ISBN: 0312959443; Paperback; St. Martin's Paperbacks (Sept 1996)
   ISBN: 0792722450; Audio Cassette; Chivers North America, unabridged (Dec 1998)
   ISBN: 0792731468; Audio CD; Sound Library 9:34 hr (Jan 2004)
   ASIN: B007SGG9WW; Kindle/485KB; SJ Rozan (April 2012)

CHINA TRADE (Chin/Smith 1)   ©page from China Trade
   ISBN: 0312112548; Hardcover; St. Martin's Press (October  1994)
   ISBN: 0312955901; Paperback; St. Martin's Paperbacks (Sept 1995)
   ISBN: 978-0312955908; Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech] (July 2006)
   ISBN: 978-0792748502; Audio CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 9:26 hr (July 2007)
   ISBN: 978-0792749714; MP3 CD; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 9:26 hr (July 2007)
   ISBN: 978-1602832718; Digital; BBC Audiobooks Amer, unabridged, 9:26 hr, 136 MB (July 2007)
   ASIN: B007PJOLF4; Kindle/443KB; SJ Rozan (March 2012)

THE CHOPIN MANUSCRIPT: A Serial Thriller (15 writers, ed. Jim Fusilli)
   Chapter 4; Audiobook; Audible.com & ITW (originally delivered serially: Sept 25–Nov 13, 2007)
   ISBN: 978-1602856769; Hardcover; Center Point Pub Large Print, lib. bind. (Jan 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1423377023; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, unabridged 6 hr
   ISBN: 978-1423377030; Lib Ed CD; Brilliance Audio, unabridged 6 hr
   ISBN: 978-1423379072; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, unabridged 6 hr
   ISBN: 978-1423379089; Lib Ed MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, unabridged 6 hr
   ISBN: 978-1608121540; Playaway; Brillance Audio, unabridged 6 hr
   ISBN: 978-1608126545; Lib Ed Playaway; Brillance Audio, unabridged 6 hr
   ASIN: B003UW2W3I; Digital; Audible.com & ITW, unabridged, 7:34 hr)
     (Chopin: what the authors think – from the ITW site)
WATCHLIST: A Serial Thriller (21 writers)
includes: The Chopin Manuscript and its sequel, The Copper Bracelet
   ISBN: 978-1593155599; Hardcover; Vanguard Press (Jan 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1593155902; Paperback; Vanguard Press (Dec 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1423379072; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, unabridged (Nov 2008)
   ISBN: 978-1441830661; Lib Ed Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, 15 hr
   ISBN: 978-1441830678; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, unabridged 15 hr
   ISBN: 978-1441830685; Lib Ed MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, 15 hr

Building (Manhattan Noir, April 2006)

Double‑Crossing Delancy (Mystery Street, 2001)

Hoops (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Jan 1996)

"In the Bleak Midwinter was nominated for a (cough-cough) prestigious Nevermore Award. Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers awards–some might say inflicts upon–the Nevermore raven "...to real authors for inadvertent achievement in a variety of categories neither dreamt nor dared by MWA." My book was up for a "Coming Attractions" award for the detecting couple most in need of, in the words of Partner Maggie Griffin, "getting their ashes hauled." However, I ducked the bullet on this one–that is to say–I lost out to the talented and much-honored S.J. Rozan, who has kept Lydia Chin and Bill Smith apart for eight books at last count."   – Julia Spencer‑Fleming (Agatha, Barry, Gumshoe, Macavity & Nero Awards winner – with permission)
"Actually, the award I'm proudest of is the Nevermore from Partners in Crime, one of the independent mystery bookstores in New York City. The Nevermore, given the night before the Edgar banquet in the spring, is sort of the anti-Edgar. I won the "Hauled Ashes Award" for the fictional couple most in need of getting it on."   – S.J. Rozan

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•    MALTESE FALCON, (link 2)    •    NERO    •    ROMANTIC TIMES    •    SHAMUS    •

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Web Site
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From manuscript to bookstore: the publishing process [closed blog]

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Lydia Chin · Chin Ling Wan-ju · Bill Smith · Wong Security

Appearances / Conventions / Workshops

Articles / Contributions / Letters / Posts
[ by Ms. Rozan, as both writer and architect ]

The Crime Writers' Chronicle: How I Got To Be Sam Cabot; July 22, 2013
"...I've co-written a paranormal thriller set in Rome. Right in that sentence are four things I never thought I'd do. Co-write, paranormal, thriller, Rome...I was swept up in a perfect storm..."

Books to Die For (non-fiction), ed. John Connolly, Declan Burke
  ISBN: 978-1444756500; HC; Hodder & Stoughton (Aug 2012); ISBN: 978-1451696578; HC; Atria/Emily Bestler (Oct 2012)
True confessions by John Gregory Dunne (1977), H&S pp.421‑426; Atria ~p.315
"...about men and women who've slid into hopelessly compromised lives...how the small concessions they've made over time...have corrupted their souls; or they don't admit it..."

The Arvon Book of Crime and Thriller Writing (non-fiction), Michelle Spring, Laurie R. King
  ISBN: 978-1408131220; Trade pbk; Bloomsbury (Aug 2012)
  ISBN: 978-1408166161; eBook (EPUB) & 978-1408166154 (PDF); Bloomsbury (Oct 2012)
Part 2: Tips and Tales — Categorisation and its discontents, pp.150‑153
"...The best genre books carry their full measure of literary value – character, setting, theme, elegant prose – and, in addition, reverbrate with..."

The Femmes Fatales: On the Road Again; May 10, 2012 (3rd of 3)
"...The most exciting thing ... is the moment when someone stops thinking of her- or himself as a butcher, baker or candlestick maker who writes, and becomes a writer with a day job. It's a mental shift all writers need to make..."

The Femmes Fatales: Public Speaking; April 19, 2012 (2nd of 3)
"...Very little is as dispiriting as walking into a bookstore or library and seeing four people ... But .. those four people really, really want to hear you .. For that hour you pull up a chair, sit in a circle, and talk to those four people about books and writing..."

In Pursuit of Spenser: Mystery Writers on Robert B. Parker and the Creation of an American Hero (non-fiction),
ed. Otto Penzler; ISBN: 978-1935618577; Trade pbk; Smart Pop (April 2012), pp 163‑172
Who is Silverman, What is She?
"Ah, Susan Silverman the girlfriend we all love to hate. Has ever a fictional character ... caused such ..."

The Femmes Fatales welcome S.J. Rozan!; March 13, 2012
"...The creatures of our imaginations, and their stories, retreat in the face of the demands of the physical world..."

NYT: Where the Secrets Were Kept, Real Estate Section, Sunday, February 19, 2012, p.1
In the opinion of S. J. Rozan ... hidden details are especially cherished by New Yorkers. 'In this city, everybody’s an architecture critic,' Ms. Rozan said. 'And so a secret about a building is a secret New Yorkers can get behind.'

Ghost Stories Live!, October 30, 2011
second link · advertisement card
Two shows: first show intermission (4:25/@1:20 video) · second show intermission (5:00)

The Center for Fiction (Mercantile Library), October 6, 2011
In Conversation: SJ Rozan and Alafair Burke
1. SJ (6:14 video) · 2. Alafair (7:00) · 3. both (12:49/@5:15) · 4. both (25:55)

Ms. Rozan's blog post about being the Champion of the Literary Death Match, Shanghai, Ep.1, March 2011
... My team of Shanghai-dwelling expats was stellar ...

The Center for Fiction, Craftwork Lecture, November 9, 2010
part 1 (14:48 video) · part 2 (13:48) · part 3 (10:57)

Foreward to Empty Ever After, by Reed Farrel Coleman; ISBN: 978-1935415190; Trade pbk; Busted Flush Press (Oct 2010)
"...Coleman writes about the shape of the world...puts it into high relief... the same stuff we're living with and living through and we recognize it. That's what art does, isn't it?..."

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Bios / Interviews / Profiles
[ about Ms. Rozan, her writing, and as architect ]

Award Annals: Mystery/Suspense Most Honored Authors, left column, near top

Literature-Map: the closer two writers are, the more likely a reader will like both.
SJ Rozan and S.J. Rozan (her name's been entered different ways)

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Reading and Writing Podcast, by Jeff Rutherford, August 7, 2013
Sam Cabot interview – Episode 125 (mp3 - 21:24)

NYP – Air of Suspense: Best-selling author S.J. Rozan’s cozy Village pad, by Micki Siegel, April 18, 2012
The article is in the Real Estate section of the Thursday, April 19, 2012, issue of the paper.
... she’d found the perfect apartment. "The first thing was the light. It was noon on a December day, and the light poured in ... Then, I saw the fireplace, and I thought, 'Wow!' Next, the woman who was showing me the apartment said: 'Would you like to see the other room?' I'd thought it was a studio. I said, 'There's another room?' And then I saw the built-in bookcases and I knew: 'This is perfect." ...

BookCast, interview (18:46) by Sam Clay, April 2012
(prelude to author visit to Fairfax County's Byrd Library)

S.J. Rozan : Crime Writing and Other Fiction, Long and Short, by Elana Centor, posted Apr 3, 2012
Video interview about value of workshops for writers.

 If you only click one link, try this BookBaby interview: 
BookBaby, interview (58:18) by Brian Felsen (BookBaby pres.), posted April 1, 2012
Taped Sunday morning, June 12, 2011, at California Crime Writers Conference.
Start – Ghost Hero; 1:33 – writing from different points of view; 3:55 – 'heroes' and her stories; 7:42 – how do separate heroes translate to 20 & 21st centuries; 13:17 – how does she see different genres, why readers favor certain genres; 18:14 – double standard in literary fiction, how it drops the ball; 23:34 – how to keep book from 'sagging in the middle', how to develop out from themes; 29:01 – Iterative revision process; 32:37 – use of beta readers, writing group; 39:34 – how she migrated to full time writer; 44:15 – were there problems w/o job security and less pay; 47:33 – recommendation to writers with day jobs; 51:06 – how digital revolution changed her writing life; 55:30 – how ebooks changed 'the conversation' with publishers

The Writer's Room, interview by host Jane Cleland, January 2012
Part 1 (14:56) (starts at 0:20/ends at 13:17), Part 2 14:43 (starts at 0:17/ends at 14:25)

WBGO 88.3 FM, Ghost Hero interview by Andrew Meyer, November 4, 2011
Full interview (26:52) · interview excerpt (10:43)

Literary Death Match: Shanghai Ep.1, March 2011 Champion!
... mistress of mysteries, Rozan regaled a packed house with a shiver-inducing noir tale of ... Rozan's unflinching blood-soaked scarefest ...

WBGO 88.3 FM, On The Line interview by Andrew Meyer, December 17, 2010
book interview (10:56) · additional (9:37)

Sisters in Crime blog, Things You Don't Know About S.J. Rozan, November 8, 2010
...SinC: Most embarrassing moment?   SJR: Are you kidding? This is the internet. No way...

Nominated for 2009 Career Achievement Award in Mystery and Suspense by Romantic Times.

Pen on Fire, interview, by Barbara Marco-Barrett, June 24, 2009
Ms. Rozan's segment is from 2:13 to 27:56 of file (Monica Bhide is the second half)
Originally broadcast on KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, CA

Mystery Scene Magazine: Complexity and The City, by Oline Cogdill, Issue 108, Winter 2009, pp 30-32
... For the past four years, every morning – rain or shine ... she walks ... to the Hudson River ... It's a time of contemplation and, as she watches the ducks, the workers or the walkers, a time 'to get myself moving and get into gear' ...

WBGO 88.3 FM, Shanghai Moon interview by Andrew Meyer, February 27, 2009
Full interview (30:39) · interview excerpt (9:04)

Ed Gorman Blog: Pro-File: S.J. Rozan, Feb 1, 2009

Type M for Murder (blog): Violence and Crime Fiction, by Debby Atkinson, June 11, 2008
... I had the good fortune to go to the Edgar Award Ceremony this May, and had the further good luck to chat with S.J. Rozan. I admire her both as an author and as a very insightful woman. We were talking about how we ... prefer crime fiction over true crime. As I was pondering why this was the case, S.J. said, 'Fiction just seems more real.'...

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Ms. Rozan's name appears in these books:
(Many of the following hardcovers have also been published in paperback)

The Tell-Tale Art: Poe in Modern Popular Culture, by Christine A. Jackson; pp 30‑32,192,200(index)
   ISBN: 978-0786463183; Trade Pbk; Mcfarland (Oct 2011)
      ...Rozan is articulate about the writing process...

Following the Detectives: Real Locations in Crime Fiction, ed. Maxim Jakubowski; pp 236,254(index)
   ISBN: 978-1847737014; Trade pbk; New Holland Publishers Ltd (Sept 2010)
      ... S.J. Rozan is one of the best chroniclers of contemporary New York in her outstanding...

A Companion to the American Short Story, ed. Alfred Bendixen, James Nagel; pp 432,515(index)
   ISBN: 978-1405115432; Hardcover; Wiley-Blackwell (March 2010)
      ...and S.J. Rozan, the last four of whom have done the seemingly unthinkable: challenged the premise that the hard-boiled style is only for men...

The New York Times Book of New York: 549 Stories of the People, the Events and the Life of the City – Past and Present, ed. James Barron; pp 270-271
   ISBN: 978-1-57912-801-2; Hardcover; Black Dog & Leventhal (May 2009)
      Mean Streets: Crime : The Imfamous : Murder
      "New York Numb" by Ms. Rozan, reprinted from NYT story of Mar 12, 2006

Novel Ideas : Contemporary Authors Share the Creative Process, by Barbara Shoup, Margaret-Love Denman; pp 23,34,276‑89,331‑2,TOC,vii(preface)
   ISBN: 978-0-8203-3279-6; Paperback; Univ of GA Press; 2nd ed (March 2009)

Investigating Identities: Questions of Identity in Contemporary International Crime Fiction, ed. Marieke Krajenbrink, Kate M. Quinn; p 153
   ISBN: 978-90-420-2529-5; Paperback; Rodopi (Jan 2009)
      ...the personal element, including family ties, is becoming more and more intrusive. In S.J. Rozan's Chinese American Lydia Chin novels, for instance, Lydia's mother is a constant presence, while her brothers put in an occasional appearance.

The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists : Insider Secrets from Top Writers, by Andrew McAleer; pp 15,46,96
   ISBN: 978-1-59869-589-2; Paperback; Adams Media (Oct 2008)
      Write what you know. But not what you know on the outside. What you know on the inside...

Beyond Liberal Democracy: Political Thinking for an East Asian Context, by Daniel A. Bell; footnote 87, p 308
   ISBN: 0691123071; Hardcover; Princeton University Press (July 2006)
      "...Chinese employers...What is clear is that Filipina FDWs often develop warm, maternal‑like feelings for employers' children. This kind of sentiment is well depicted in fictitious form in S.J. Rozan's 'Reflecting the Sky'..."

Authors & Artists for Young Adults, Volume 66, ed. Dwayne Hayes (pp 119-124)
   ISBN: 0787666548, Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2006. Biography contains portrait

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   Thesis submitted at the University of Minnesota (June 2006)
      S.J. Rozan's story, Absent Friends (2004) ... raises prescient questions about the nature of heroism and of truth in a time of culture-wide grief.

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by Thomas Kaufman in Steal the Show
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by Charlaine Harris in All Together Dead
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by Phillip DePoy in Too Easy
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   ... For S.J. Rozan, who's cooler than any cold place ...

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"The physical fabric of the city is important to me, and endlessly fascinating."
  ‑ S.J. Rozan


05 Chinese New Year

6th Avenue

Tricycle locked to sign post

Harlem Row Houses

Fu: 1994?-29 Oct 2011

57th Street

Dragonboat Festival

Easter Parade

Easter Parade

Pearl at Broad Sts.

6th Avenue

9th St East Village

57th Street

59th St Subway

Chelsea Hotel

Lower East Side Tenement Museum



6th Ave, national debt

Robert Burns, Central Park

Riverside Drive

06 Village Halloween Parade

'06 Blizzard


Building facade

Central Park

Easter Parade

Easter Parade


Morningside Heights

Hotel Theresa, Harlem

'05 Street Fair

Times Square

05 Chinese New Year

05 Macy Parade Balloon Inflation

05 Macy Parade Balloon Inflation

05 Macy Parade Balloon Inflation

Harlem Building

Harlem Book Fair

06 New Year, Chinatown

Times Square

06 Village Halloween Parade

Manhattanville at night

Morningside Heights

'05 NYPD

Riverside Church

Morningside Heights

Washington Park

06 Village Halloween Parade

St. Lukes Hospital

Morningside Park

06 New Year, Chinatown

06 post parade, Chinatown

Chinatown seafood

Skating, Bryant Park

Building faces

St John the Divine

Steuben German-American Parade