On the Trail of S.J. Rozan

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Managing the Mystery Collection: From Creation to Consumption, by Judith Overmier, Rhonda Harris Taylor; p 182
   ISBN: 0789031531; Hardcover; Haworth Info. Press (April 2006)

Book Finds, 3rd Edition: How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books, by Ian C. Ellis; p 297
   ISBN: 0399532382; Paperback; Perigee Trade; 3rd Updated edition (March 2006)
      Collectible – and Findable – Books

Inside Every Woman: Using the 10 Strengths You Didn't Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want Now, by Vickie L. Milazzo; p 147
   ISBN: 0471745200; Hardcover; Wiley (Feb 2006)
      "Break one thread – through evil intent or casual carelessness, by deliberate action or mere inattention – and the whole fabric defining you will unravel."
  – S.J. Rozan

The Adventure of the Missing Detective: And 25 of the Year's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories! (Year's Finest Crime & Mystery Stories), ed. Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg; p 79
   ISBN: 0786716436; Paperback; Carroll & Graf (Dec 2005)
      "...on top of the personal blog she maintains, documented the process from completion to publication for her 2004 stand‑alone novel 'Absent Friends'"   – Sarah Weinman

Dreams of Justice: Mysteries as Social Documents, Dick Adler; pp 108-9
   ISBN: 1590581792; Paperback; Poisoned Pen Press (Dec 2005)
      "... Rozan isn't the first writer to use ... Sept. 11, 2001 as the background for a crime novel. But the images of pain, loss and fear on every page of Absent Friends are so strong that the book will probably be remembered for them, rather than for the intricate and heartbreaking story of her characters ... Rozan, who has justly won every mystery award going for her series about Bill Smith and Lydia Chin, knows how to balance their pasts and their presents without trivializing anything that happened ... guts, brains and heart ... are present in abundance."

Genreflecting: A Guide to Popular Reading Interests, by Diana Tixier Herald, Wayne A. Wiegand ed.; pp 140,167,175
   ISBN: 1591582245; Hardcover; Libraries Unlimited; 6th ed. (Dec 2005)

Bibliotopia or, Mr. Gilbar's Book of Books & Catch-all of Literary Facts & Curiosities, compl. Steven Gilbar; p 150
   ISBN 1567922953; Hardcover; David R. Godine Pub (Oct 2005)

Writing & Selling Your Mystery Novel: How To Knock 'Em Dead With Style, by Hallie Ephron; p 7
   ISBN: 1582973768; Paperback; Writer's Digest Books (Sept 2005)
      Foreward by Ms. Rozan

The Literature Teacher's Book Of Lists, by Judie L. H. Strouf; p 450
   ISBN: 0787975508; Trade pbk; Jossey-Bass; 2nd Edition (July 2005)
      List 202: popular fiction from US and other parts of world, 2000‑2004

More Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason, by Nancy Pearl; p 171
   ISBN: 1570614350; Paperback; Sasquatch Books (April 2005)

Time Out New York; p 274
   ISBN: 1-904978-34-7; Paperback; Time Out Publishing; 13th ed (April 2005)

Critical Perspectives on Pat Barker, ed. Sharon Monteith, Margaretta Jolly, Nahem Yousaf, Ronald Paul; p 299
   ISBN: 1-57003-570-9; Hardcover; Univ of SC Press (March 2005)
      ...More recently S.J. Rozan's 'Absent Friends' (2004) covers similar ground.

Living in Posterity: Essays in Honour of Bart Westerweel, ed. Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen; pp 69, 71
   ISBN: 9065508392; Uitgeverij VerLoren (2004)
      'Concordia Discordans' and Asian American Female Detective Fiction, by Theo D'haen (pp 69‑74)

Books: The Quick and Easy Way to Select the Best, by Emanuel T. Prostano; p 282
   ISBN: 0-595-31881-9; Paperback; iUniverse, Inc. (May 2004)

Reference and Research Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction, by Richard J. Bleiler; p 723
   ISBN: 1563089246; Hardcover; Libraries Unlimited; 2nd ed (Jan 2004)

Crime Fiction, 1800‑2000: Detection, Death, Diversity, by Stephen Knight; p 193
   ISBN: 0333791797; Paperback; Palgrave Macmillan (Jan 2004)
      Diversifying the Viewpoint: Race
      "...has created with sociacultural depth Lydia Chin, an Asian‑American private eye..."

Sleuthing Ethnicity: The Detective in Multiethnic Crime Fiction, by Dorothea Fischer‑Hornung, Monika Mueller; p 52
   ISBN: 0838639798; Hardcover; Fairleigh Dickinson University Press (Jan 2004)
      Part I: Historicizing Ethnicity
      Samurai Sleuths and Detective Daughters: The American Way
, by Theo D'haen (pp 36‑52)

ProFile : The Architects Sourcebook (2004), compl. Reed Construction Data; p 1251
   ISBN 1929999089; Paperback; Reed Construction Data (Jan 2004)

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2004, ed. Ken Park, p 279
   ISBN: 0886879116; World Almanac (Dec 2003)
      Misc Book Awards: Edgar Awards

Media Representations of September 11 (Crime, Media, and Popular Culture), ed. Steven Chermak, Frankie Y. Bailey, Michelle Brown; pp 192(quoted), 248(named)
   ISBN: 0275980448; Hardcover; Praeger Publishers (October 2003)
   Chapter 12: Narrative Reconstruction at Ground Zero
      (originally from Bloodletter 9, no. 5, 2002 – newsletter of SinC, NY/Tri-State)
"... In my case I came over time, to think of it like this: the events themselves are like a horrifyingly bright light, a light too bright to look directly into. But that light will fall on other objects, and those objects will cast shadows. The objects, and the surfaces they shadow, were already there, but this new light changes the way we see them ... I've just started a book...about the shadows."

Mystery Women: An Encyclopedia of Leading Women Characters in Mystery Fiction Volume 3 (1990‑1999), by Colleen Barnett; pp 127‑8
   ISBN: 1590580494; Paperback; Poisoned Pen Press (October 2003)
      Profile of Ms. Rozan's character Lydia Chin.

Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason, by Nancy Pearl; p 123
   ISBN: 1570613818; Paperback; Sasquatch Books (Sept 2003)

Make Mine a Mystery: A Reader's Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction, by Gary Warren Niebuhr; pp 397‑399
   ISBN: 1563087847; Hardcover; Libraries Unlimited (April 2003)
      "... just what is the relationship between these two investigators? Using the greater New York landscape as a map, Rozan creates interesting puzzles from interesting perspectives, and has become one of the leading voice of the genre ..."

How to Write Killer Fiction: The Funhouse of Mystery & the Roller Coaster of Suspense, by Carolyn Wheat; p 80
   ISBN: 1880284626; Paperback; Perseverance Press (March 2003)
      "...Rozan alternates between her two protagonists ... Lydia's first‑person viewpoint ... Bill('s) ... in third person. This device allows us to see the meta‑arc of their developing relationship through two different pairs of eyes."

Liberty or Death: A Thea Kozak Mystery, by Kate Flora; p 114
   ISBN: 0312877919; Hardcover; Forge Books (Jan 2003)
      '... "It's hard to quess someone else's taste, so I'm going to give you three of the best. Laura Lippman. S.J. Rozan. Michael Connelly." She pulled out the books and handed them to me.'

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2003, ed. Ken Park, p 293
   ISBN: 0886878837; World Almanac (Nov 2002)
      Misc Book Awards: Edgar Awards

Traces, Codes, and Clues: Reading Race in Crime Fiction, by Maureen T. Reddy; pp 154, 165‑7
   ISBN: 0813532019; Hardcover; Rutgers University Press (Dec 2002)
      ".. Each novel privileges the perspective of one of the two detectives, with the other playing a lesser role. Across time, the Smith‑dominant books move ever closer to traditional hard‑boiled fiction, a similarity only slightly mitigated by Smith's romantic and sexual interest in Chin ..."

The Best American Mystery Stories 2002, ed. Otto Penzler & James Ellroy; p 404
   ISBN-10: 0618124934; Trade pbk; Houghton Mifflin (Oct 2002)
      Other Distinguished Mystery Stories of 2001
      "Double-Crossing Delancey". Mystery Street, ed. Randisi (Signet)

Sleuths in Skirts: A Bibliography and Analysis of Serialized Female Sleuths, by Frances A. Cava; pp 21,27,107n,233,282
   ISBN: 0815338848; Hardcover; Routledge (June 2002)

The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction, by Mike Ashley; pp 5, 14, 185, 424‑5
   ISBN: 0786710063; Paperback; Carroll & Graf Publishers (May  2002)

AZ Murder Goes... Artful, ed. Susan Malling, Barbara Peters; p 210
   ISBN: 1890208264; Paperback; Poisoned Pen Press; Rev edition (Feb 2002)
      Bibliography of Art, Architecture, and Antiquity Mysteries,...compiled by two retired librarians, Louis Silverstein (Yale University Library) and Barbara Peters (Library of Congress). While comprehensive, it is by no means complete...
      China Trade ... [Antiquities]
      No Colder Place ... [Architecture]

Feminist Popular Fiction, by Merja Makinen; p 115
   ISBN: 033379317X; Hardcover; Palgrave Macmillan (Dec 2001)

Contemporary American Crime Fiction, by Hans Bertens, Theo D'haen; pp 206‑214
   ISBN: 0333674553; Hardcover; Palgrave Macmillan (Dec 2001)
      The Persistence of Gender: the Private Investigators of S.J. Rozan
      "...Rozan's alternating narrative perspective is an ingenious strategy and deserves our admiration: it is a tour de force that not many crime writers would be capable of..."
      "...in No Colder Place... The scenes in which we see Smith at work are completely convincing and it is refreshing to have detailed descriptions of blue‑collar work in a crime novel..."

Writing the Mystery: A Start to Finish Guide for Both Novice and Professional, by G. Miki Hayden; pp 175‑7
   ISBN: 1890768367; Paperback; Intrigue Press (Aug 2001)
      Interview, with advice for new writers.

The Writers Directory, 16th edition, 2001. Detroit: St. James Press [... and following editions]

The Book Group Book, by Ellen Slezak; p 285
   ISBN: 1556524129; Paperback; Chicago Review Press; 3rd Rev ed (Sept 2000)
      What to Read: Book Groups Share Their Reading Lists

The Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery, by Bruce Murphy; p 403
   ISBN: 0312215541; Hardcover; St. Martin's Press; 1st ed (Dec 1999)
      Private Eye Writers of America

Detecting Women, by Willeta L. Heising; pp 238,239,301,308,324,333,353,373,376,378,381,383,385,389,391,403,406,412,427,433,437,447,474(index)
   ISBN: 0-9644593-5-3; Hardcover; Purple Moon Press; 3rd ed (Nov 1999)

Detective Agency: Women Rewriting the Hard‑Boiled Tradition, by Priscilla L. Walton, Manina Jones; pp 43, 98, 138, 143, 157
   ISBN: 0520215087; Paperback; University of California Press (May 1999)

Brave Dames and Wimpettes: What Women Are Really Doing on Page and Screen, by Susan Isaacs; p 115
   ISBN: 0345422813; Trade pbk; Ballantine Books (Jan 1999)
      ...But SJ Rozan's nineties hero, Lydia Chin...and her sometime partner Bill Smith are in the brave-dame-and-a-guy tradition extending from...

Family Reunion: Everything You Need to Know to Plan Unforgettable Get-Togethers, by Jennifer Crichton; p 87
   ISBN: 0761105859; Trade pbk; Workman Pub Co (July 1998)
      The Immigrant Saga
      ...I see my great-grandparents and grandparents as heroes, really, ... as giants....

Contemporary Authors, Vol 165, ed. Scot Peacock; p 334
   ISBN 0787620025; Hardcover; Thomson Gale (March 1998) [... and following editions]

Silk Stalkings: More Women Write of Murder, by Victoria Nichols, Susan Thompson; pp 246–248, 481, 585
   ISBN: 081083393X; Hardcover; Scarecrow Press (January 1998)
      ...Rozan is neither male nor Chinese yet she has created two brilliant...

Detecting Women 2: A Reader's Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Women, by Willetta L. Heising; pp 168, 208, 225, 234, 251, 291, 293, 299, 300, 338, 339, 372(index)
   ISBN 0964459310; Paperback; Purple Moon Press (July 1996)

Time-Saver Details for Exterior Wall Design, by Fred Nashed; p 267(biblio)
   ISBN: 0070460825; Hardcover; McGraw-Hill Professional (Sept 1995)
      Chapter 4, section 4.3 Stone Walls (starts p.146); info included from cited article

Who's Who of Amer Women, [Marquis(tm)], 19th ed, 1995-96 New Providence, NJ: Marquis Who's Who, 1995

Who's Who in the East, 22nd ed, 1989-90, Wilmette, IL: Marquis Who's Who, 1988 [...and following editions]

Quonset Huts on the River Styx: The Bomb Shelter Design Book, by Architects, Designers, and Planners for Social Responsibility; p 59(TL)
Catalogue of 2 wk exhibit at AIA Chapter Hqtrs in SF, opened April 21, 1987, organized by committee of Northern California Chapter of ADPSR
   ISBN: 1556430272; Paperback; North Atlantic Books (1987)
In the top left portion of the drawing is the phrase et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum, which translates and I expect (await) the resurrection of the dead. The phrase is found at the end of the Credo (Nicene Creed) of The Ordinary of the Mass (Roman Catholic). It is also the title given to an orchestral work by Messiaen (1964), dedicated to the memory of the dead of the two World Wars.

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