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ORDINARY GRACE (standalone)
   ISBN: 978-xxxxxxxxxx; Hardcover; (2013)

TRICKSTER'S POINT (Cork O'Connor 12)
   ISBN: 978-1451645675; Hardcover; Atria (Aug 2012)
   ASIN: B0061OSFG0; Kindle/?KB
   ISBN: 978-1451645736; Nook/?MB, Sony Reader/?MB, other formats

Iron Lake, Boundary Waters, and Purgatory Ridge
   ASIN: B0078XG0LA; Kindle/?KB; Atria (July 2012)

A Collection of Excerpts from the Cork O'Connor Novels
   ASIN: B007HAZAH4; Kindle/2692KB; Atria (April 2012)

NORTHWEST ANGLE (Cork O'Connor 11)
   ISBN: 978-1439153956; Hardcover; Atria (Aug 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1410444165; Large print; Thorndike Press (Jan 2012)
   ISBN: 978-1423396154; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, unabridged 12 hr (Aug 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1423396178; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, unabridged 12 hr (Aug 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1423396192; Digital; Brilliance Audio, unabridged 169 MB (Aug 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1423396161; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed 12 hr (Aug 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1423396185; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed 12 hr (Aug 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1455823154; Playaway; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed 9 hr (Aug 2011)
   ASIN: B004G8QTQQ; Kindle/885KB
   ISBN: 978-1439172162; Nook/4.8MB, Sony Reader/2.4MB, other formats

VERMILION DRIFT (Cork O'Connor 10)
   ISBN: 978-1439153840; Hardcover; Atria (Sept 7, 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1439153871; Trade pbk; Atria (June 2011)
   ISBN: 978-1423396093; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio (Sept 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1423396116; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio (Sept 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1423396109; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed; (Sept 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1423396123; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed; (Sept 2010)
   ASIN: B003L786H8; Kindle/503KB
   ISBN: 978-1439172155; Nook/2MB, Sony Reader/1.1MB, other formats

HEAVEN'S KEEP (Cork O'Connor 9)   ©page from Heaven's Keep
   ISBN: 978-1416556763; Hardcover; Atria (Sept 2009)
   ISBN: 978-1416556770; Trade pbk; Atria (July 13, 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1423341888; Audio download; Brilliance Audio, OverDrive WMA; (11 hrs)
   Audio download; Audible; (11 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423341840; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio; (11 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423341864; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio; (11 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423341857; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed; (11 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423341871; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed; (11 hrs)
   ASIN: B002LZTI6O; Kindle/490KB
   ISBN: 978-1439165713; Nook/1.9MB, Sony Reader/2.6MB, other formats

RED KNIFE (Cork O'Connor 8)   ©page from Red Knife
   ISBN: 978-1416556749; Hardcover; Atria (Sept 2008)
   ISBN: 978-1416556756; Trade pbk; Atria (May 2009)
   ISBN: 978-1423341758; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio; (9:31 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423341772; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio; (9:31 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423341765; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed; (9:31 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423341789; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed; (9:31 hrs)
   ASIN: B0011UEEQ4; Kindle/402KB
   ISBN: 978-1416580218; Nook/389KB, Sony Reader/375KB, other formats
"...Simply and elegantly told, this sad story of loyalty and honor, corruption and hatred, hauntingly carves utterly convincing characters ... into the consciousness..."  – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

THUNDER BAY (Cork O'Connor 7)   ©page from Thunder Bay

Reading group guide for book clubs
   ISBN: 978-0743278416; Hardcover; Atria (July 2007)
   ISBN: 978-1416514473; Paperback; Pocket (June 2008)
   ISBN: 978-1439157824; Trade pbk; Atria (Aug 2009)
   ISBN: 978-1423329787; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio; (10 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423329800; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio; (10 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423329855; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, Abridged ed; (6 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423329794; Audio CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed; (10 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423329817; MP3 CD; Brilliance Audio, Lib ed; (10 hrs)
   ISBN: 978-1423329770; Audio Cassette; Brilliance Audio Lib ed; (10 hrs)
   NLS Book# Mn-BPH (MN 00821); Audio Cass.; Narr: Scott Brush; MN Braille & Talking Book Lib (2007)
   ASIN: B0015DYL0G; Kindle/426KB
   ISBN: 978-1416546498; Nook/1.8MB, Sony Reader/1.9MB, other formats
"... Krueger's insightful portrayal of small-town life and his deepening exploration of Cork's character...propel(s) the story."  – David Pitt, Booklist

COPPER RIVER (Cork O'Connor 6)   ©page from Copper River
Reading group guide for book clubs
   ISBN: 0743278402; Hardcover; Atria (Aug 2006)
   ISBN: 978-1416514466, Paperback; Pocket Star (June 2007)
   ISBN: 978-1439157817; Trade pbk; Atria (Aug 2009)
   NLS Book# Mn-BPH (MN 01157); Audio Cass.; MN Braille & Talking Book Lib (2007)
   ASIN: B000OVLKQI; Kindle/476KB (Nov 2007)
   ISBN: 0743293657; Nook/348KB, Sony Reader/371KB, other formats; (Nov 2007)
"... Krueger never writes simple plots, instead mixing action and suspense with a thoughtfulness that highlights the underlying motivation..."  – Jo Ann Vicarel, Library Journal (starred review)

MERCY FALLS (Cork O'Connor 5)   ©page from Mercy Falls

Reading group guide for book clubs
   ISBN: 0743445880; Hardcover; Atria (Aug 2005)
   ISBN: 0786282940; Hardcover; Thorndike Press largeprint (Feb 2006)
   ISBN: 0743445899; Paperback; Pocket (June 2006)
   ISBN: 978-1439157800; Trade pbk; Atria (Aug 2009)
   NLS Book# Mn-BPH (MN 01005); Audio Cass.; Narr: Judy McGuigan; MN Braille & Talking Book Lib (2005)
   Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech]
   ASIN: B000FCKCEM; Kindle/544KB (Nov 2007)
   ISBN: 1416510419; Nook/391KB, Sony Reader/469B, other formats; (Nov 2007)

BLOOD HOLLOW (Cork O'Connor 4)   ©page from Blood Hollow

   ISBN: 0743445864; Hardcover; Atria (Jan 2004)
   ISBN: 0743445872; Paperback; Pocket Star (June 2005)
   ISBN: 978-1439157794; Trade pbk; Atria (July 2009)
   # MN000365; Audio Cass.; Narr.: Neil Bright; MN Braille & Talking Book Lib (2004)
   Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech]
   ASIN: B000FC103Y; Kindle/550KB (Nov 2007)
   ISBN: 0743488679; Nook/1.9MB, Sony Reader/2MB, other formats; (Nov 2007)

THE DEVIL'S BED (standalone)   ©page from Devil's Bed
   ISBN: 0743445848; Hardcover; Atria (Feb 2003)
   ISBN: 0743466365; Hardcover; Atria (Feb 2003)
   ISBN: 0743445856; Paperback; Pocket Star (Dec 2003))
   ISBN: 1590670773; Audio Cassettes; Books In Motion (11.5 hrs)
   ISBN: 1590670781; Audio CD; Books In Motion
   ISBN: 159067079X; MP3 CD; Books In Motion
   NLS Book# Mn-BPH (MN 00166); Audio Cass.; Narr: Bill Moore; MN State Services f/t Blind (2003)
   Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech]
   ASIN: B000FC0NFA; Kindle/498KB (Nov 2007)
   ISBN: 0743478835; Nook/361KB, Sony Reader/515KB, other formats; (Nov 2007)

PURGATORY RIDGE (Cork O'Connor 3)   ©page from Purgatory Ridge

   ISBN: 0671047531; Hardcover; Atria (Feb 2001)
   ISBN: 0786232137; Hardcover; Thorndike Press largeprint (July 2001)
   ISBN: 067104754X; Paperback; Pocket Star (April 2002)
   ISBN: 978-1439157787; Trade pbk; Atria (July 2009)
   ISBN: 1581167725; Audio Cassettes; Books In Motion (12.1 hrs)
   ISBN: 1581167733; Audio CD; Books In Motion (Nov 2003)
   ISBN: 1581167741; MP3 CD; Books In Motion
   NLS Book# Mn-BPH (MN 00295); Audio Cass.; Narr: Stephen Waldhauser; MN State Services f/t Blind (2004)
   # LP003761; Large Print; MN Braille & Talking Book Lib
   ASIN: B003BFXAQ2; Kindle/563KB (Mar 2010)
   ISBN: 978-1439120002; Nook/1.9MB, Sony Reader/2MB, other formats; (Mar 2010)

BOUNDARY WATERS (Cork O'Connor 2)   ©page from Boundary Waters
   ISBN: 0671016989; Hardcover; Atria (May 1999)
   ISBN: 0671016997; Paperback; Pocket Star (July 2000)
   ISBN: 0613494229; School & Library; Sagebrush (July 2000)
   ISBN: 978-1439157774; Trade pbk; Atria (June 2009)
   ISBN: 1581163967; Audio Cassettes; Books In Motion (10.8 hrs)
   ISBN: 1581163975; Audio CD; Books In Motion
   ISBN: 1581163983; MP3 CD; Books In Motion
   NLS Book# Mn-BPH (MN 00292); Audio Cass.; Narr: John Mayor; MN State Services f/t Blind (2004)
   Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech]
   ASIN: B003BRBCFG; Kindle/507KB (Mar 2010)
   ISBN: 9781-439120019; Nook/2MB, Sony Reader/2MB, other formats; (Mar 2010)

IRON LAKE (Cork O'Connor 1)   ©page from Iron Lake

   ISBN: 0671016962; Hardcover; Atria (Aug 1998)
   ISBN: 0671016970; Paperback; Pocket Star (May 1999)
   ISBN: 0613494393; Hardcover; School & Library; Sagebrush (May 1999)
   ISBN: 0786231742; Hardcover; Thorndike Press; largeprint (June 2001)
   ISBN: 978-1439157282; Trade pbk; Atria (June 2009)
   ISBN: 1581162464; Audio Cassettes; Books In Motion (11.2 hrs)
   ISBN: 1581162472; Audio CD; Books In Motion (Nov 2001)
   ISBN: 1581162480; MP3 CD; Books In Motion
   Electronic Braille and Daisy; Bookshare.org [Benetech]
   ASIN: B000FC0QBQ; Kindle/562KB (Nov 2007)
   ISBN: 0671036904; Nook/398KB, Sony Reader/469KB, other formats; (Nov 2007)

ANTHONY, (link 2)    •    BARRY    •    DILYS    •    MINNESOTA, current

Crimes by Moonlight: Mysteries from the Dark Side, ed. Charlaine Harris
"HIXTON", pp 23‑32
   ISBN: 978-0425235638; Hardcover; Berkley Prime Crime (April 2010)
"A couple of miles outside the little town of ... the gravel road dropped into a tree-shaded hollow. and ..."

Once Upon a Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem and Suspense, ed. Gary R. Bush, Chris Everheart
"CONTENDER", pp 119‑128
   ISBN: 978-1-932472-85-1; Trade pbk; Nodin Press (Aug 2009)
"I'm alone in the gym. Working the heavy bag with my left. Waiting for..."

Resort To Murder (stories in MN vacation resorts), ed. Minnesota Crime Wave
   ISBN: 978-1-932472-47-9; Trade pbk; Nodin Press (Sept 2007)
   ASIN: B002V0FH0U; Digital; Audible/Holton House, unabridged 5:50 (Oct 2009)
"Cooper knew they planned to kill him. Exactly how was the part that..."

William Kent Krueger on "The Big Sleep," by Raymond Chandler (1939), pp 86‑88
   ISBN: 978-0-9625804-9-9; Paperback (original); Crum Creek Press (Nov 2006)
"Raymond Chandler saved my life. Or that's how it felt to me at eighteen..."

More Mean Streets USA, A Collection of Short Crime Fiction, Vol 2
"HEAT LIGHTNING" ( pub prev: Death Do Us Part, ed. Coben, Little, Brown 2006 )
Produced by KCRW | 89.9 FM – Santa Monica, CA
   Audio CDs, available with $100 subscription

These Guns For Hire, ed. J.A. Konrath
"ABSOLUTION", pp 371‑377
   ISBN: 978-1-932557-20-6; Hardcover; Bleak House Books (Oct 2006)
"Griffin found the nun kneeling alone in the convent chapel. He slipped into..."

Mystery Writers of America Presents Death Do Us Part: New Stories about Love, Lust, and Murder, ed. Harlan Coben
"HEAT LIGHTNING", pp 104‑114
   ISBN: 0316012505; Hardcover; Little, Brown and Company (Aug 2006)
   ISBN: 0316012637; Trade pbk; Back Bay Books (Aug 2006)
"In the worst of the heat that afternoon, he'd cleaned his old target pistol..."

Twin Cities Noir, ed. Julie Schaper, Steven Horwitz
"BUMS", West Side (St. Paul), pp 73‑86
   ISBN: 1888451971; Trade pbk; Akashic Books (June 2006)
   NLS Book# Inprocess; Audio Cassette; [control #482295] (2007)
   ASIN: B001UE8DKE; Kindle/1.7MB (Dec 2009)
   ISBN: 978-1936070534; Nook/1.2MB, Sony Reader/1.2MB (Dec 2009)
"Kid showed up at the river in the shadow of the High Bridge with a grin..."

The Silence of the Loons: Thirteen Tales of Mystery by Minnesota's Premier Crime Writers, ed. Minnesota Crime Wave
"BEFORE SWINE", pp 41‑49
   ISBN: 1932472363; Trade pbk; Nodin Press (Sept 2005)
"When Sheriff Amundsen telephoned that morning just as I was pouring coffee and said..."

Meeting Across the River: Stories Inspired by the Haunting Bruce Springsteen Song, ed. Jessica Kaye, Richard J. Brewer
   ISBN: 1582342830; Trade pbk; Bloomsbury USA (June 2005)
   ISBN: 0786176326; Audio CD; Blackstone Audiobooks, unabridged, 9 hr (Oct 2005)
   ISBN: 0786178744; MP3 CD; Blackstone Audiobooks, unabridged (Oct 2005)
"Near the end of September, the red maples along the river bleed..."

Boys' Life, March 2004 (illustrator: Asaf Hanuka, pp 40‑45)
"THE WINDIGO", text: pp 42,44
"I used to love the night. The sound of crickets. The glow of the moon..."

Boys' Life, January 2002 (illustrator: Loren Long, pp 22‑27)
"THE HERRING CHOKER", text: pp 24‑27
"My father is a herring choker. That's what they call the..."

The Kiss of Pages Turning, by winners of 1998 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers
"IRON LAKE" (excerpts), pp 47‑60
   ISBN: 1882506022; Trade pbk; Loft Literary Center (1998)

The Night Awakens, MWA Anthology, ed. Mary Higgins Clark
"CORPUS DELICTI"; side #2 (starts after con't side #1 story ends)
   ISBN: 0886464595; (6) Audio cassettes; DH Audio (March 1998)
   [N.B. – the 2000 tapes and the book do not contain the story]
"It was dark by the time they found the red Mustang..."

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Simon & Schuster video clip (3:16) speaking about NORTHWEST ANGLE, 2011

Simon & Schuster video clip (2:12) speaking about HEAVEN'S KEEP, Sept 2009

Comments at Cold Spring Friends of the Library (MN) fundraiser, May 6, 2009
   [2 video segments]
    1 (3:22), starts at 0:40 of clip; 1 (4:46), starts at 1:45 of clip

Mystery Readers Int'l: At Home Online, interviewed Steve Hamilton, Spring, 2008

Minnasota Crime Wave: Monthly series of half-hour episodes begin March 28, 2008
   [each episode in 3 video segments]
   first segment (9:58) (w/Pete Hautman in segment #2)

City Pages: "No Reason to Cross the River. We've Got Everything We Need Over Here.", Volume 26 Issue 1302 Nov 16, 2005
" When my wife and I moved to the Twin Cities 25 years ago and established ourselves in St. Paul, the neighbor who lived next door to us--an older woman with a fondness for pink hair curlers--mentioned the fact in passing that she hadn't been across the river to Minneapolis since..."

Washington Examiner (by way of Lee Goldberg's blog): tribute to coffee shop where he writes, April 25, 2005
"... Deep in the Broiler, a light comes on. It's located in the kitchen where Juan is firing up the griddle. A minute later, the red neon flame over the front door flickers to life. Inside the cafe, there's movement. Karen - or Lis, or Sydney, or Carol, depending on the day - flips the main light switch and unlocks the door. I grab my notebook and pen and head to my office - booth No. 4 ..."

CrimeSpree at the Movies, featuring WKK and Keith Snyder, Aug/Sept 2004

Hamline UMC: Fiction and Fellowship, 2nd Sunday, 6:30 p.m.

child development research, 1996

Articles / Bios / Interviews / Profiles / Stories
[ about Mr. Krueger and his writing ]

Award Annals: Mystery/Suspense Most Honored Authors, a third down left column

Amazon interview by Laura Lippman, Summer 2011 (one-third down page)
"...the most intriguing part of any story is the battle between the need we have as human beings for relationship and the forces that inevitably work to separate us..."

KAXE 91.7 FM, interview by Heidi Holtan, Nov 4, 2009
discussion about Heaven's Keep on Real Good Words

Jen's Book Thoughts, You Have the Right to Six Words, Oct 14, 2009
"Ambitions failed. Blessings, never. Hope abides."

Mystery Readers International: At Home Online, interview by Craig Johnson, Aug 10, 2009

bookreporter.com: interview by Carol Fitzgerald, Aug 2009
   [6 video segments]
   1 (7:27) Cork O'Connor series, 2 (9:26) Cork O'Connor series, con't,
   3 (6:45) Setting books in MN, 4 (6:48) About writing,
   5 (8:40) About writing, con't, 6 (6:19) Influences, what's next

International Thriller Writers, interview (re: Heaven's Keep) by Julie Kramer, Aug 2009

KAXE 91.7 FM, interview by Heidi Holtan, April 15, 2009
discussion about Red Knife on Real Good Words

Simon & Schuster, Author Revealed, interview (Jan 2009)
" Q. How would you describe your life in only 8 words?
 A. Family. Reflection. Writing. Discipline. And always the dream. ..."

In answer to Dec 1, 2008 inquiry from a DorothyL subscriber about Cork's longevity, Mr. Krueger replied:
"Put your mind at rest. The next book in the series is finished. It's called HEAVEN'S KEEP and will be released in July. And I just received a contract for two more Cork O'Connor novels. That guy will be around for a long time."

Crimespree: Goodbye Iron Lake and Cork O'Connor, by Jerry Peterson, #27 Nov/Dec 2008, p 8
" ...Krueger had just finished reading from and talking about RED KNIFE ... and a fan asked, "Will there be another book?" "Yes," Krueger said, "but that may well be the last of the series..." "

Grand Forks Herald: Shining Light on Mystery Writer, by Paulette Tobin, Friday, Oct 26, 2007, interview
" What is it about Minnesota that keeps cranking out these successful mystery writers?
... we live in a state that supports its arts, ... Consequently, we have a lot of artists who are drawn here and nurtured here. The fact that we turn out so many fine mystery writers is they are a subset of the many fine writers Minnesota turns out in general. ..."

Bookreporter.com bio & interview, July 27, 2007

Poisoned Pen: interview by Barbara Peters, July 10, 2007
   [6 video segments] 1 (9:53), 2 (9:48), 3 (9:35), 4 (9:05), 5 (9:59), 6 (7:57)

Simon & Schuster, Q&A, from a conversation after COPPER RIVER published.
"... You write vividly of life in and around reservations. What draws you to these settings?... When I chose to set the series in northern Minnesota, it quickly became clear to me that I couldn't write about that area without incorporating the Ojibwe element. A large percentage of the population of the county I selected as a model for the fictional Tamarack County of my books is of mixed heritage. I knew and admired the work of Tony Hillerman. And in college, I wanted to be a cultural anthropologist..."

Chaska Public Library: interview, by librarian Kathy Perschmann, Jan 2007

Pioneer Press: Hard-boiled and sunny side up, by Mary Ann Grossmann, Sept 3, 2006
" One of Krueger's strengths is creating an ominous mood just by describing the way trees bend and the darkness of rural areas ... by screams of a cougar ... Krueger, who's a grandfather, writes lovingly about kids. But his young characters are also true to life ..."

The Lady Killers: Name dropping and touring the book, by Cara Black, Aug 25, 2006
"... The other day William Kent Krueger ... took me to lunch...actually his publisher did. Though they have no clue. I don't want to get Kent in trouble so shhh but it's really about how Kent, in a financially creative way, manages his book tour. Maybe others who read this are nodding in agreement but several books ago, Kent's publisher wanted to send him to five cities, good hotels, plane tickets etc. When Kent asked them how much this would all cost they gave him a figure and he sat back. Not much bang for the buck, so he said, let me throw some ideas at you. Whereby Kent, a master of driving navigation as Libby Hellmann and I discovered in Pittsburgh, came up with a 14 city tour for the same amount of moola. Impressed? Naw, but I'm sure the publisher was ... hook up with other authors as Libby, Kent and I did in the midwest and PA ... life on the book touring road can be lonely and tiring, so as Kent told me, it's much more fun to do events with other authors, share the costs, the driving and reach out to more readers..."   ( posted with permission )

Star Tribune: "St. Paul's once and future diner; The more Jimmy Theros' St. Clair Broiler changes, the more it stays the same", by Todd Nelson, May 15, 2006

JA Konrath, Stories: Writing Conferences... Author Sighting (and he does mean stories!)
"AUTHOR SIGHTING - Imagine it: You're in the lobby, putting the cap back on your vodka, and suddenly William Kent Krueger appears out of nowhere..."

Leisure Talk Radio: David's Book Talk show #80

Crimespree Magazine: Cover Story, by Jennifer Jordan, Jeremy Lynch, Issue #8 Sept/Oct 2005

Midway/Como Monitor: Hamline-Midway mystery writer makes conflict his 'stock-in-trade', by Jan Williams, Sept 2005, p 3

Whistling Shade: Backyard Writer: interview, by Kristin Johnson, Aug 2005
" ... October of 2003... My first impressions of him were that he was a thoughtful, introspective, generous, and kind man. Now, interviewing him two years later, I hold that first impressions ring true..."

Wolf Moon Journal: Time to Fall into a Few Good Books, by John Clark, Fall 2004
" ... One of the most enjoyable aspects of public librarianship is selecting new books for patrons to enjoy ..."

Mystery Ink: interview, by David Montgomery, orig March 16, 2004

Shots: interview, by Ali Karim, 2004

Mystery One: interview, by Jon Jordan, mid 2003

City Pages: Death Warmed Over, by Peter Ritter, March 7, 2001
" Before William Kent Krueger arrived, the residents of Aurora, Minnesota (pop. 3,752), were safe..."

Mystery News; Magic in the Northwoods (interview), by Lynn Kaczmarek, Feb/March 2001

kaliber .38: interview, by J.C.Schmidt, 2000

Star Tribune: "Author's formula: Coffee, patience; Mystery writer's biggest success might be just around the corner", by Doug Grow, Nov 6, 2000
"It's 6:30 in the morning and it's dark and cold and there aren't any royalty checks in the mail. Yet William Kent Krueger bounces into his writing studio, a booth at the St. Clair Broiler in St. Paul, with a big smile on his face ..."

Tart City: Tartesterone Volume I, by Katy Munger, Lise McClendon, about 2000
"... twinkly eyes; wonderful smile ... sweet disposition; wicked sense of humor ... cheeky as hell ..."

Minnesota Public Radio: Writer Finds Inspiration in Local Landmark, by Mary Stucky, July 22, 1998
"... Occasionally, I'll tune in to some of the regulars talking at the counter, and I love the sound of their conversation, how they put words together, what their dialogue is like. What you do is you catch the rhythm of people's words, and although you might not use the words specifically, you listen to how they say specific things ..."

Mr. Krueger's name appears in these books:

100 Most Popular Contemporary Mystery Authors: ...Bibliographies; by Bernard A. Drew; pp 269-270
   ISBN: 978-1598844450; Hardcover; Libraries Unlimited (May 2011)
Toby Martin: In-House Investigator, by Barbara Grengs; p 99
   ISBN: 978-1594318542; Trade pbk; Write Words, Inc. / Cambridge Books (Aug 2010)
   ASIN: B004SRF4LG; Kindle; Write Words, Inc., 138 KB (Aug 2010)
THEY BITE!: Endless Cravings of Supernatural Predators; by Jonathan Maberry & David F. Kramer; p 297
   ISBN: 978-0-8065-2820-5; Trade pbk; Citadel Press (Sept 2009)
      The Future of the Mystery Story
      "I'm a mystery writer, and in this genre we're seeing a groundswell of stories that not only incorporate vampires and werewolves and demons but also offer these creatures as the heroes of the novels. It's a different world from Chandler and Hammett. Will it last? Only time will tell."
Pocket Books: Webster's Timeline History, 1760 - 2004; pp 156,162,173,index
   ISBN: 0-546-89471-2; Trade pbk; ICON Group Int'l (June 2009)
Fifty Years In 13 Days: A Mother/Daughter Reunion, by Katie Decosse & Jackie Maher; p 16
   ISBN: 97-81438-25453-1; Trade pbk; CreateSpace (April 2009)
The Essential Mystery Lists: For Readers, Collectors, and Librarians, by Roger M. Sobin; multiple entries
   ISBN: 978-1590584576; Trade pbk; Poisoned Pen Press (June 2007)
   ASIN: B004WOYRDQ; Kindle; ReadHowYouWant, 2872 KB (April 2011)
Dirty Martini, by J.A. Konrath; p 197
   ISBN: 978-1-4013-0279-5; Hardcover; Hyperion (Dec 2007)
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